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number range '780'


The new telephone number range '780' is particularly suited for the use of VoIP. Numbers from this range are available for registration since may 2005. Administration of number is similar to the simple business process of domain name registration.


In the year 2004 a new number range '780' has been created by the RTR GmbH, which is especially suited for use in connection with VoIP and other convergent service.


Contrary to the regulations about ENUM usage of other phone number ranges, the delegation of the ENUM domain and phone number is exactly oppositional: Instead of registering the ENUM domain for an existing number, the precondition for the allocation of a number is the ENUM domain itself.


Another distinctive feature is the possibility of terminating calls to numbers of this range directly via ENUM/internet - communication network providers are not obliged to terminate the traffic with the number range holder in question. This "integrated" gateway functionality makes it especially attractive for VoIP and similar services.


In contrast to other number ranges the administration of numbers is simplified for service providers by these special features: The explicit set-up of new call numbers with other carriers is not necessary, as the whole number range can be routed to a gateway of the carrier's choice. The processes numbers allocation and relinquishment can be automatically combined with the registration/cancellation of ENUM domains by proper arrangement with RTR GmbH.


The registration of ENUM domains / phone numbers within the 780 range started in May 2005.


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